To the Unexpected Givers of Hope

August 15, 2012

Dear Fabric Storage Bins I just bought at Target:

While I know that you will not actually Organize my life, I want to thank you in advance for giving me the illusion of Organization. Thanks to you—thanks to your amazingly uniform presence on my shelves and you bright, hip, trendy colors that make me look so much more put together and “with it” than I could ever possibly be—you have inspired in me more than you might have ever dreamed possible.

Today, I will not only de-clutter the top of the coffee cart, but I will mop the kitchen floor. I will empty all of the sippy cups out of that one cabinet from which they keep falling onto my head and I will corral them in your roomy interior. I will ORGANIZE THE TUPPERWARE. (I will pause to let the magnitude of that statement resonate appropriately.)


I will finally get around to installing a hook for the baby backpack so it will stop taking up that 3 foot square of Precious Real Estate by the front door and I will find homes for all of the miscellaneous bags and wraps and winter hats and scarves that inhabit that big wicker basket behind the chair in the living room (even though it’s mid-August and I will probably just have to drag the wraps and hats out again in another month or so) because they have been living there since we moved into this apartment in February and let’s be honest, I haven’t worn a scarf since March, and maybe in doing so I will also find the camera, which has been M.I.A. since January. And once I find it, Fabric Bins, it will never go missing again because I can just tuck it safely inside your protective walls and the next time Stephen asks me if I’ve seen the camera I can reply with confidence, “Yes! It is in the Blue Bin!” and smile in that calm triumph that Organized Home Owners everywhere surely feel but that I have never felt because I have never been Organized.

And while you and I both know that I will never actually fold and put away the laundry that’s in the drier, or get around to unpacking those three random half-boxes of arts and crafts supplies that have somehow gotten mixed up with all those unfiled bills from 2008 and those outdated Coastal Livings I’ve been hanging onto because all of the houses pictured in those pages seem so Wonderfully Airy and Purposefully Casual and are never cluttered unless it’s Purposeful Clutter—while we both know that this will never come to pass, you have nonetheless enabled me to dream.

You have given me Hope, Fabric Bins. And Hope, as we all know, is the greatest gift of all.




One Response to “To the Unexpected Givers of Hope”

  1. There’s no stopping you now!

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